Monday, July 31, 2006

Those who really know me are aware that I have a certain fondness for plush. This little guy won me over with his little flappy arms, straight line mouth, and paranoid beady eyes. Timmie is the creation of Marilyn Patrizio. There are 60 Timmies floating around the world and people are invited to document their Timmie's experience here.. Timmie 59 accompanied us on our trip to Chincoteague - the beach, the carnival, and a couple nature trails.

The Chincoteague carnival ended last weekend, so we went there one last time for some cotton candy and fried oyster fritters. We blew money hopelessly throwing soft balls towards a milk jug - never making even one in the hole. Woke up early the next day and hit the beach – my white glow blinded most of the bathers there.

Squirrels love the beach, too.

Seagulls must love the smell of pepper. While photographing these little guys, a flock of seagulls began circling around us and diving down as if we had food. I had to finally hide the squirrels in my bag to get them to leave us alone.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yeah, that's me and Peaches.

Brandon and Peaches.

I'll elaborate later.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monday, July 24, 2006

The past couple weeks have been the most stressful in some time. I came back to work today hoping I would finally catch a break, but OH NO, not for me.

I spent the weekend "refinishing" a mid-century danish-style hutch I found at the thrift store a month ago. I might actually be destroying more than refinishing, but now I am fully aware of the problems associated with using an electric sander. Bobby is not thrilled, to say the least, on having one more piece of furniture crammed into our little house.

A couple photos from late last week. One of my office mate, who taunts me almost daily with celery - the smell of it I can not stand. He hid some of its leaves in my purse and twirled the strings around my desk, leaving the aroma in the area for hours.

The other is a production shot from our shoot last week. It's blurry, poorly composed, and dark - enjoy.

The S&P standoff. Which one will reign over the table?

Monday, July 17, 2006

So, I haven't completed a painting for almost a whole year. Before I took my "break", I started using acrylics for their quick drying time and compatibility with mixed media. I prefer the look and feel of oils though, but can't stand the fumes, extended drying time, and chemicals. I decided to take a trip to the art supply store a couple days ago - and what did I find?! Water-mixable oils by Winsor Newton. These things have been around a while, but I always snubbed them. This time I decided to try some out and by golly, I love 'em.

They have the look and feel of oils, but are as harmless as acrylics. One can purchase an extender medium for slower drying time or a quick-dry medium, which makes them act more acrylics. I have included, dear readers, a pic of my first experiment. It is by no means - a piece I'm working on. I usually try to work on the whole composition evenly, but got caught up in these woman's legs. And I reiterate, this is just an underpainting!

On another note, I have remained cooped up in this office all day! I went outside briefly on my lunch break to check on my flowers ( I go home at lunch in order to eat in peace). Even Pico was unlike her normal grumpy self and spent the afternoon gazing at the birds in the front yard.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

BTW - I started preliminary sketches for a painting last night. No birds. No flora, box cars or telephone wires.

It's going to be oil on canvas and it's going to be big. Yep.

It's my little secret :)
Sometimes I get so sick of design. Everything "well-designed" is starting to look the same or showing up on the shelves of Target. Ohhh...all those trends are really starting to annoy me. That's why I found this CD design so refreshing. The surface design is clean and simple, but the packaging is not. Notice the small icon on the front cover and how it's repeated in the overall package construction - sweet! Plus, it reminds me of Bobby's drawings. Cooper Union alumni represent! Credits: Lansing Dreiden.





It also makes a nice shelter for squirrels.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

I spent the last week cleaning, scouring, and preparing our house for Marissa's baby shower on Saturday- an event with an expected 25-30 ladies. No pressure. You can view more pictures here. Marissa provided the beautiful arrangement while Beth and my mom provided the food. I provided the table and the lovely salt and pepper shakers.

Bobby fixed my bike on Sunday, adding a fat cushy seat to protect my behind from bruising. We rode our bikes to Alex's, where John G. instructed the guests in building a giant bubble house - 9 ft. tall, approx. 12 feet long, with just a household fan keeping it inflated. If I can figure out how to transfer photos from my phone to this computer, I'll attach an image. You have to see it to believe it.

Friday, July 07, 2006

P, J, Bobby, and I went to the first Pretty Tasty gathering at Cogans last night.

J and I stayed out too late, drank too much, and discussed the significance of a single braid.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just uploaded Chincoteague photos to Flickr account and you can view here.
Got back from Chincoteague on Monday. Here are a few pictures from the Carnival - will post the rest to my Flickr account later today. Thom and Beth love the Paratrooper.