Sunday, September 29, 2013

a little hiatus

Where do I even begin?

I'll start where we left off - we sold the house. Yeah, I talked about selling it forever, but we finally SOLD our house. Sniff. Project complete.

I kept quiet because I didn't want to jinx our sale. Weird, right? Once we interviewed a candidate for a position and while reviewing his resume, I looked up his website and found his blog. He immediately blogged about the interview which was clumsily unprofessional and I made a mental note to NEVER blog about a situation while it's happening if another party is involved.

We shelled out some money to make some repairs for the buyer, signed what seemed like a million documents and moved out by a couple days before our closing date. 

Friends, I had NO idea we had so much stuff. I would call them belongings, but I'm not sure they even qualify to be named as such. We hosted a small garage sale inside our home and I thought I purged most of our extras, namely objects we had duplicates such as globes, industrial sign letters, etc. But alas, I'm sitting in a new home full of boxes I don't want to unpack.

We said goodbye to our lovely light-filled first home and the mural in Avery's nursery.

I thought it would be harder to separate, but by the time I finished meticulously packing every single piece of dinnerware with bubble wrap, I was more than ready to leave.

So we moved our belongings into a storage unit and headed over to Bobby's father's house where we would be crashing until we found the perfect house, however long that would take.

But in the meantime, while we were distracted by the packing and the PICRA repairs, I finally realized something was missing.

My period.

Two years (off and on) of trying to conceive and sure enough, I am pregnant.

So plans changed. We were looking for a 2 bedroom town home in Norfolk closer to the Ghent area, but with this news we decided to look closer to the grandparents' homes in Virginia Beach, who had graciously volunteered to watch the bambino during the week so I can return to work. The decision: move closer to hip culture or supportive family - we chose the latter.

And so we started the house search, which has been extremely difficult in Virginia Beach. Most houses get multiple offers within the first couple days, so we knew we were in for a long journey ahead. My goal: to move in before baby arrives. We crossed our fingers and scanned the realtor listings every time something new popped up.

And then I saw it. A mysterious listing with a small exterior shot and no details or interior shots within our price range in a great neighborhood. Great elementary school and within biking distance from my parents' house.

I looked it up on Zillow to find out more details. Nothing. Trulia - nothing. Apparently, the realtor decided not to market the property at all (more about that later). It piqued my interest so I asked for a viewing.

Love at first sight.

It's not the mid-century dream home that I had my heart set on, but the feeling I got when I walked in the house was unreal. It just felt right. Nothing lavish – no cathedral ceilings or sunroom – just the overall feeling like it was the right home for our family. Now, this isn't supposed to happen with the first house you see, but I was all too familiar with the properties that had been listed in the area for the past several years and the market, so I immediately arranged a viewing for Bobby.

Same thing.

We made an offer that night. It was accepted a few days later.

Fast forward past our bliss to the inspection when reality set in. The house was in above average condition but had a few necessary structural repairs to be made. Seller agreed to make all repairs requested, but the incompetence of her realtor delayed the repairs/closing date and I was preparing to  say goodbye to our perfect little home.

But in the end, we got it. Thanks to our amazing realtor who I will gladly recommend if you message me.

So in this little brick house I sit, looking past the boxes and imagining new paint colors and furniture arrangements. It's been a tough transition, as the commute from VB to Norfolk isn't the most fun in rush hour traffic, but when we're here it's so peaceful.

And I look at all the boxes marked "Avery - baby stuff" and get excited about opening them once again to clothe our little Enzo, who will make his appearance in the early next year. Yes, it's a him. You can find out gender through an early blood test if you're of advanced maternal age like me. I'm bracing myself for two boys, but if he's anything like Avery, I will feel lucky.

And if he's not, I will still feel blessed. We entered into our situation earlier in the year unsure if we were making the right decision regarding putting our house on the market. Bobby and I anguished over it, but said we would put the house on the market and if it sold then it was meant to be and if it didn't, we would still be happy. Either way. Our original intention to move was to expand our family, but after two years of trying to conceive, we were beginning to think it wasn't going to happen. Our house sold, positive pregnancy test, looked for new house total of one week and offer was accepted. It really seems too good to be true.

But as I constantly had to remind myself during the first trimester moving woes, "this too shall pass."


jeremy g said...

Congrats on selling your house, buying another, & your pregnancy. Great stuff. It's wonderful to hear how everything came together. God is good!

Hope you and your family are doing well. Take care!

jeremy gray

Kamilla said...

So glad to read this post - wish I had been following more closely. I'm thrilled for you, and glad that you were able to trust as much as possible through the process. Can't wait to see more of your new home!