So, this is us.

I'm Cassie, a 35 year-old mother of a high-spirited 4 year-old boy. That's him looking all cute at the camera. His name is Avery and he's a charmer.

And that guy is my husband Bobby. We met while participating in an art show together in 2002. We both have BFA's in Art Studio but work full time as graphic designers/art directors. He's a great partner to have in this life.

We all like to make stuff; Me – quilts and design, Bobby – beats (he's a drummer in TWO bands), and Avery – a mess. No really, Avery is quite adept at the drums as well.

We're just trying to be the best parents possible at the moment. Trying to juggle work, renovating a house, and rearing a toddler has been a challenge, but the best performance art piece we've tackled yet.